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10:14 | 18/06/2014
Introduction about CTWEL

Established in August 2009, CTWEL Consulting and Training Joint Stock Company mainly provides consulting services and manpower training for welding industry. Our company has gathered knowledgeable and devoted experts in the field all over Vietnam, including: 
- A group of distinguished professors and doctors who have graduated from well-known universities all over the world, have trained many generations of Vietnamese welding experts and conducted a considerable number of important field researches.  

-A team of experienced welding engineers who have worked for as well as participated in the construction of factories and projects requiring high-quality welding all over Vietnam

- A well-experienced teacher staff that have “skillful hands” and profound knowledge of welding theories as well as effective teaching skills; therefore, learners find it easy to understand, remember and carry out the tasks, even the most difficult ones.

The whole CTWEL staff share their passion for the welding cause as well as working determination to turn it into a starting point for Vietnamese youth to achieve success and a turning point for Vietnamese companies to confirm their products’ rank. 

Beside high-qualified man power, one distinct advantage of CTWEL is our close links to vocational schools, research institutes, factories, welding societies as well as welding projects in Vietnam and countries with developed industry. In addition, we have been establishing a strong connection to many internationally famous brands of welding equipments and materials. Therefore, the latest news related to welding technology is also regularly updated. With the guideline “Knowledge is the driving force for development and social progress”, CTWEL aims to pursue the cutting edge knowledge and state-of-the-art technology in the world to apply it into Vietnam. This will help to improve the country’s science and technology.

We are honored to be your truthful companion to contribute to the prosperity of Vietnam in general and the development of welding industry in particular.  


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