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03:59 | 02/10/2014



    ·         Supervising the allocation of inspection personnel during the routine fabrication, assembly, welding and inspection activities

    ·         Coordination of resources and liaison with fabrication and construction management, supervision and senior inspectors to ensure adequate coverage of ongoing activities

    ·         Attendance at management meetings to contribute on welding, piping and inspection issues

    ·         Provision of welding and NDE inspection expertise to construction management

    ·         Monitoring the reporting of pipe installation checks, pressure testing and welding inspection records

    ·         Liaising with Senior Inspectors, NDT Supervisor, Senior Surveyor and Senior Certification Engineer to ensure project quality requirements are met

    ·         Monitoring the interpretation of NDT results including radiographic sentencing

    ·         Monitoring and investigation of welding and material defects

    ·         Raising non-conformance reports for fabrication malpractices and any non-compliance with quality requirements

    ·         Coordination and supervision of welder testing and weld procedure qualifications

    ·         Preparation of project reports on welding, piping, inspection and NDE and summary input to project management.

    Job Requirements:


    ·         Proactive approach in resolving quality issues;

    ·         Basic computing skills and working knowledge of MS office (Word/Excel);

    ·         Formal safety training;

    ·         Effective communication and reporting skills;

·         Candidate shall display confidence in representing the Client when interfacing with Contractors

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