Training Philosophy

09:08 | 20/06/2014

Training Philosophy

Our trainees (training to become specialists, sales representatives, supervisors, educators, inspectors, engineers ...) after the training course is oriented CTWEL the following objectives:
Training students to have a sense of professional ethics, compliance with labor discipline and sense of dedication to professional organizations receiving.
 Enough technical skills needed at the request of the international market experts.
Having language skills to meet international working environment.
The experts must grasp the necessary skills including hard skills (skills-skilled) and other soft skills to ensure the ability to work in any cultural environment, in an era of globalization workforce today.

Ill. CTWel training skilled welders for VINA NHATRANG Engineering Corporation
Based on the above background, students are trained to have the ability to proactively find and solve problems in a creative way, the practical organization receives, delivers resiliency technologies (increased productivity cost reduction) and increased profits for the organization to receive and bring deserved profits for themselves.

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